My Training

I Studied with the World's Top Health and Wellness Experts at the World's Top Nutrition School

I graduated
from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and over 100 dietary theories; everything from Ayurveda, gluten-free, and Paleo, to raw, vegan, and macrobiotics, and everything in between.

My education has equipped me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and prevention. Drawing on my expertise, I work with clients like you to help make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results. You will develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you, improving your energy, balance, health, and happiness.  

Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. We will talk about things beyond food, seeking to bring balance to important elements of your life such as love and relationship as well as career and money. I will personally and carefully guide you to make simple, small changes that transform your life. Want to dig deeper? Find out more - My Approach

My AMAZING IIN Health and Wellness Teachers
  • Joshua
    Joshua Rosenthal

    Founder & Director of Primary Teacher at 
    The Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • deepak
    Deepak Chopra, MD

    Mind-Body Medicine Expert
    Best Selling Author, Guest Teacher
  • arianna Huffington
    Arianna Huffington

    Editor-In-Cheif - Huffington Post 
    Author, Speaker
  • Dr.WeilAndrew Weil, MD

    Director of the Arizona Center for
    Integrative Medicine University of Arizona 

  • david.wolfeDAVID (AVOCADO) WOLFE

    Expert and Bestselling Author on
    Superfoods and Raw Nutrition
  • dr.dilliardJohn Douillard, MD

    Ayurvedic Physician, Writer, Professor & 
    in Sports Medicine
  • dr.hyman_copyMARK HYMAN, MD

    Founder and Medical Director of
    The UltraWellness Center, Bestselling Author
  • dr.katz

    Preventive Medicine & Weight Management,

    Director at Yale Prevention Research Center
  • dr.nestle
    Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH

    Paulette Goddard Professor in the
    Department of Nutrition 
    New York University
  • dr.northrup
    Christine Northrup, MD

    Authority in the Field of Women’s
    Health & Wellness 
    Board-Certified OB/GYN 
  • dr.w.willietWALTER WILLETT, MD, DrPH

    Chair of the Department of Nutrition at
    Harvard’s School of
    Public Health
  • dr.siegel
    Bernie Siegel,

    Bestselling Author and Expert in
    Healing and Patient Empowerment


Classical Tantra/Hatha(Laya) Yoga Teacher - RYT500 Hours 

I have been a practicing Yogini for over 20 years now and a Yoga Teacher for 10.  I first came to yoga weighing almost 300lbs and when I went into a table position my belly would sway along the floor. But I committed to showing up to my new yoga practice every day...  Somedays, I just sat on the mat and cried, but I showed up to the mat.  Since then I have had an active daily yoga practice, I received my 200-hour teacher's certification from Transformation Studio in Oshawa. and have continued my education studying yoga philosophy and Sanskrit.  Today my Sadhana (yoga practice) comes from Classical Hatha Yoga - including Tantra, Mantra, Asana, Pranayama & Meditation. I teach Hatha Vinyasa Yoga and have enjoyed teaching both men and women of all ages, body types and skill levels in yoga studios, gyms and homes.

In October 2017, I graduated from Living in the Self 300-Hour YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) a training which has brought me to the 'HEART' of Yoga (Hridaya), My studies included: Asana, Bandhas & Mudras, Pranayama: Concentration (Dhyana), Meditation, Vedic Chanting., Ayurveda & Yoga philosophy. Additional studies included: Yoga for Specific Populations:  Kids Yoga, Family Yoga, Partner Yoga, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Yoga for Men, Yoga for an Aging Population, and Yoga for Trauma & Addiction. These teachings have not only deepened by personal practice (sadhana) but has taken my teachings to the next level and allowing me to incorporate new services such as 'Subtle Yoga Therapy' & 'Chair/Desk Yoga' and more.

I believe Yoga to be the cornerstone of my own healing and transformation and the source of my daily joy and well-being.


Reiki Master (RM) - Energy Intuitive

Rei in Japanese means "spirit," and ki means "life-force energy." Together, Reiki (ray-key) means "Spiritually guided life-force energy", which is a Japanese spiritual practice that aids the body in releasing stress and tension and creates deep relaxation. The Usui Reiki system, or Usui Reiki Ryoho, was created in Japan by a man named Mikao Usui over 90 years ago and years later brought to the western world by Hawayo Takata. 'Ki' energy (also known as chi, prana or grace) flows through the practitioner and is received by the recipient. Creating deep relaxation and relief of pain or emotional release - Reiki is simple, yet powerful.

In an effort to help my severe chronic pain my father took me to my Level 1 Reiki Course & Certification, knowing nothing about Reiki, Diane Righton started me on the path of Reiki I in the summer of 1998. From that very first class, it was clear that this was something very different. My hands would get very hot and my fellow students reported a deep sense of well-being after receiving a treatment. To be honest, I really didn't believe them at the time (but I sure do now!)  But I continued working with Reiki throughout the years receiving my level II and then my Master's attunement from Master Martin Lee in May 2007.

In the 25 years that I have been working with Reiki Energy the way that I experience and channel these healing energies have shifted and expanded.  Although I still offer traditional Reiki treatments, today I have fused my offerings with a guided relaxation experience that helps connect the client to a deeper healing experience. Check out my latest offering 'Divine Journeys - A Guided Relaxation Experience Supported with Reiki Healing' 

"If You Want to Understand the Universe. Think of Energy, Frequency and Vibration."  ~ Nikola Tesla