Group Coaching Programs (online or in-person) provide a fun, interactive way to gain health and wellness amongst a supportive fellowship of your peers. Unlike traditional 1-1 coaching, this leverages the collective wisdom and support of the group while making it a safe and respectful environment. With group coaching option, I've made it convenient for people to participate in a process that encourages healthy lifestyle changes through health education and awareness. 

Retreats are designed to offer a comprehensive escape embedding fun with relaxation. Because the activities, classes, therapies, and meals are made for you, you can enjoy being present without needing to plan anything! On retreats, you will spend a lot of time with people who, like you, are there to find a way to relax, to discover their inner voice and return to balance. Therefore, you can share something deeper than a drink with them, and many people return home with new life long friends! 

Current & Upcoming Events

December 8th -
Just For You! A Health4Life Self-Care Workshop - Honouring The Self (WestClox Building Ptbo)
November 28th
- Chair Yoga - Inspiration. Movement and Transformation (WestClox Building Ptbo)
August 25th - 27th -
Peterborough Kirtan & Yoga ~ Quiet Contemplation Camping Weekend (Retreat)
5 days of Self-Care – Connecting with the Self (Retreat)
TBD - 
Turning Pain into Opportunities for Self Transformation (Workshop & Webinar)